Expression Through Design

Steamer Trunk


Vintage Trunk

Cerused Red Oak


Steel Hardware

Apple Plywood

India Ink


The Trunk

Originally the trunk was designed with two adjacent doors - one for hanging cloths, another to reveal 3 drawers behind the hanging section. The interior was cracked and faded when it arrived at the studio.  Collagen glue and mold fumes radiated from the retired trunk for several days before the old design was cut out and re sealed with paint to match the navy exterior. 

Now, built on a cedar base is a 5 drawer cabinet made of apply ply and cerused red oak that has been stained black with india ink. The softer wood, which creates the grain, has been removed with a wire brush and polished with white liming wax to fill the voids.  A final coat of beeswax seals the oak front and plywood interior. 


Rhino 3D modeling, part layout (nesting), coordinate layout, CNC planning and cutting