Expression Through Design



Cypress Veneer

Oak Dowels

Bench BW.jpg


The wobble bench is made of cypress veneer that has been harvested and milled in Gainesville, Florida.  After a series of soakings and dry pressing, the wood fibers were stretched enough to allow bending of this brittle hard wood to it's final shape.  Once the glue dried the ribs were milled to the final dimensions and assembled with oak dowels.   



The bench can be used as shown above, flipped over, and split in half to form two benches.  Human body contours define the shape of this piece by cradling the back when laying down in the bench. 



Spreader bars at each end secure the ribs in place and create about a 1/4" gap between each slat.  This allows for air flow and torsion that occurs when weight is applied.